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Topic-icon Having trouble using sql

8 Monate 6 Tage her #6308 von Tomy
Having trouble using sql wurde erstellt von Tomy
Dear Vis Forms Users.

I am having trouble using selectsql to use the data of another form as a starting point for the next form.

I am just lost how to use and where to use it with what commands.I have been reading this article over and over and i just cannot seem to understand how to connect it.



Is there a code line i need to write? and paste it somewhere? I'm clueless.



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8 Monate 6 Tage her #6309 von Administrator
Administrator antwortete auf Having trouble using sql
Hi Tomy,

you have to create a field of type sql select.

Then you will see a field option "sql" on the right side of the field configuration in the administration (it is a small textarea, which you can pull bigger with your mouse).
This is, where you have to enter your sql-Statement.

In the field administration you cannot see which select options are created by this statement.
The listbox options are only visible in the frontend! Maybe that is, what confuses you.

Sadly, if the sql statement is not valid or does not return any data, you will not see any listbox options in the frontend, too. This is difficult to debug. Therefore I very strongly recommend, to start with simple sql statements and to develop and test the sql statement with another tool (like the sql command line of an IDE)

This feature is very powerfull but on the other hand if you want to use it with success you should be familiar with working with mysql and using database tools.


-- Visforms Developer --

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7 Monate 3 Wochen her #6325 von Tomy
Tomy antwortete auf Having trouble using sql
Dear Aicha,

Thank you for your reply. Finally! I have found the issue and now have found the selectsql i was looking for.

Now I need to learn how to make the correct sql statements. Please direct me in the direction to learn how to write sql statements and provide me with an example.

If it would be possible would you mind giving me an example of an sql statement with the following needs:

I need to make a field using selectsql for the data from Formid=1 Fieldid=1.

So that I know what I am looking for,

I am making a simple select data field so it would be a great help if I can be pointed in the right direction where i can learn and an example I can test. My need is trying out simple selectsql s and get more complex later. Just because its a beta version i don't really want to make too many trial and error attempts as i don't want to wreck the code.

Thank you


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7 Monate 3 Wochen her #6326 von Tomy
Tomy antwortete auf Having trouble using sql
Sorry! Found something online! I will have a crack at it! When i'm stuck i'll come back to you.

Thank you!!!

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