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Getting started

This feature is part of the Visforms Subscription and not available in the free Visforms version..

We propose reading the documentation from the beginning, starting with the Introduction. We will not repeat concepts and explanations made in previous parts of the documentation, here.

Please make sure, that you have installed your Visforms Subcription.

What you get

This extension adds a new field type (pagebreak) to your Visforms installation. Further on it adds new options in the form configuration (tab advanced) which allow you to set up the summary page and the display of progress individually.

  • Add a custom label to Back button
  • Add a custom labelto the button that leads to the summary page
  • Add a custom label to the Correct button (on the summary page)
  • Add a custom description text to the summary page and decide whether to display it on top or at the bottom of the summary page
  • Choose between five different layouts for the summay (Table, definition list, ordered list, unordered list and paragraf)
  • Add custom HTML Class Attributes to the main HTML tag of the summary (table, dl, ol, ul, div)
  • Display Progress
  • For use with forms on pages with little space you can use small badges to display as progress indicators

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