Joomla! 4 Notice

We are happy to announce that as of today - February, 25th, 2022 - all our major Joomla extensions Spambotcheck, Visforms and Visforms Subscription are also available for Joomla 4 To be available. This completes the migration of our software products for Joomla 4.

Migration instructions are available here:

There is now a separate Documentation for Visforms for Joomla 4!

FAQs Visforms

Providing different fonts for the pdf files requires to install font files with the visForms installation. These font files are really big and made the visForms installation file a very big file. Therefore I decided to not include the PDF font files directly into the installation zip file, but during the installation/update of visForms there runs some code, that should stream the font files from our server and install the files on your web server.

If you have this error message, then this process was not successfull for an unknown reason on your website and now the font files are missing.

You can check. If you do not have a file "helvetica.php" in the folder media\com_visforms\tcpdf\fonts then installing the pdf fonts was not successful.

If so, please try the following:

  1. Download :
  2. Unzip the downloaded file
  3. Copy the content of the folder "fonts" inside the extracted folder into the folder media\com_visforms\tcpdf\fonts on your server.

This bug will be fixed in Visforms 3.12.4

The bug is easy to fix, because only 3 lines of code in one file are involved.

Open the file administrator\components\com_visforms\models\visdatas.php

Replace the code at line 408 - 410

$where = ' and c.includefieldonexport = 1';
$where .= (!(empty($params->exppublishfieldsonly))) ? ' and c.published = 1' : ''; 
$where .= " and c.typefield NOT in('submit', 'image', 'reset', 'fieldsep', 'pagebreak')";
$where = ' includefieldonexport = 1';
$where .= (!(empty($params->exppublishfieldsonly))) ? ' and published = 1' : '';
$where .= " and typefield NOT in('submit', 'image', 'reset', 'fieldsep', 'pagebreak')";

This is due to a bug in Joomla! 3.8.4, which was reverted with Joomla! 3.8.5. With Visforms 3.10.4 we released a bugfix for the problem. Please update to Visforms 3.10.4 and/or to Joomla! 3.8.5.

On Jooomla! 3.7.0 some Visforms user get an Error "404 Component not found" when they try to go to the Visforms cpanel in the administration of their website either with new Visforms installations or updates.

Obviously this problems only occurs rarely and is due to some specific configuration settions of the website or some specific extensions which are installed on the website. As far as we know the problem is caused by outdated cache and could always be solved, by clearing the Joomla! cache (System -> Clear Cache).

If the Submit button is disabled, you mostly have a Javascript error on your website.

As a form comoponent Visforms relies on Javascript, which is used to display conditional field, to validate user inputs, to perform calcualations, to display multi page forms and for many other tasks. As the proper working of Javascript is so crucial to Visforms we have decided to render the submit button in a disabled state in the first place and to use Javascript to enable the button after the page was loaded successfully. Thus, if you have a Javascript error on your page, the submit button stays in the disabled state.

In order to fix this, you have to find the source of the Javascript error, which to our experience often does not come from Visforms itself, but from Javascript incompatibilities caused by other extension. Bad configurations of a field of type calculation can also cause Javascript errors.

Sometimes the problem is caused by old versions of the Javascript files, cached by your browser and can be fixed by clearing the browser cache.

You can use the browser console of your browser for debugging. After the Javascript error is fixed, the submit button will automatically be enabled.

If there are no Javascript problems indicated in your Browser Console another source of disabled buttons could be, that you have created Visforms overrides in your template in the past. Overrides, which are created based on view files of older Visforms versions may not work with newer Visforms versions. You have to remove the old overrides, then. Please check also the post on our forum

Please see also the following FAQ "Field type date not working after update to Joomla! 3.7"

Due to significant code changes in the Joomla! core, the Visforms field type date, as implemented in Visforms up to version 3.8.21, is broken.

In the field configuration, setting the selected date format for "Initial value" for the date field does not work. Further on the layout of the calendar, that is used for setting this "Initial value" looks broken.

In front end, there is a javascript error "Calender.setup is not a function", with any form, that contains fields of type date. If you click on the calendar icon, nothing happens. This javascript error may result in disabled submit and reset buttons as well, depending on your Visforms versions.

In order to fix the problem you have to update your Visforms installation to the latest Visforms versions (currentliy 3.8.22), which contains the required fixes for this bug. The update should be displayed in the update manager of your website. It is compatible with older Joomla! versions.

The submit button is a form field (type submit button) which you have to create by yourself.

As a default you will find a backlink "Powered by vi-solutions" beneath each form, that links to our website. We are sympathetic about, that sometimes people do not want to display backlinks on their website and provide you with the option to remove the link without any restrictions. You'll find an options "Credits" in the form edit views tab "Advanced" which you can set to "no".

Please consider, that the development, the maintaince and the further development of Visforms is the result of hundereds of hours which we provide totally for free. To keep this up we rely on your support. We are very happy if you decide to not remove the backlink and/or to support us with a donation and /or a positive review on Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Thank you!

This is not possible with Visforms itself. But there is a content plugin for Visforms that allows you to display forms in articles and modules (of type "Custom HTML) and to set custom default values in the form. One plugin option is, to set the page url of the current page automatically as default value in form. Learn more about the Visforms Content Plugin Form View.

This article covers the captcha which is displayed when you choose the option "Visforms Captcha" in the form settings.

The so called Visforms Captcha uses the free open-source PHP CAPTCHA Script. Characters, displayed in the captcha image, are created through php code by the script. To achieve this, the script has some php system requirements which sadly are missing in some rare cases. Especially the PHP FreeType support, is such a setting, that must be installed and enabled.

If the FreeType support is missing, the captcha image cannot be created and therefore it cannot be displayed either. If you have enable the "Debug System" option on your Joomla! installation you may get the following error message: "Call to undefined function imagettftext()" in securimage.php.

You can check in the administration of your website, if the FreeType support is installed and enabled. Go to System menu and then to System Information. Click the PHP Information tab. Use the browsers search function and search for FreeType to check if FreeType support is installed and enabled. You can open the browser search function by pressing the "Ctrl" + "f" keys.

If FreeType support is not installed or not enabled please contact your provider in order to ask if it is possible to enable it. If not, you cannot use the Visforms Captcha. Check out Google Recaptcha instead or start using the very effective Plugin Visforms Spambotcheck which is part of the Visforms installation.

On the PHP CAPTCHA Script authors website there is a FAQ listing known problems and solutions which might be helpful as well.

You will receive this error message after an update to Visforms 3.2.0 or higher, if you have created output overrides of the Visforms frontend views in your template, that are based on the files that come with Visforms versions lower than 3.2.0

Please remove the old output overrides for Visforms in your template folder and create new once, based on the new frontend view files (if you still need the override).

We made some major code changes for Visforms 3.5.2 and moved the code, that is responsible for displaying the field in the frontend form view to a new location (folder). In some rare cases this folder is not copied properly during the update process. Luckily this happens very rarely but this is the reason, why we were not yet able to figure why this happens. But you can easily fix the problem yourself.

Unzip the installation package.

Copy the folder

from the installation package to
on the server.

Please update Visforms to version 3.6.11. This release has a bugfix für this problem.

Please note: We have made changes to the view files in Visforms 3.6.5. So if you have created overrides for the Visforms view files in your template, you will have to remove those overrides and create new one's based on the new Visforms view files.

If you do not want to update your Visforms installation, but only need a bugfix for the missing rechaptcha you could try to follow the instructions in this forum post.

This error message indicates that your email configuration settings for the form are incomplete.

Please go to the administration panel of your website, navigate to Components -> Visforms and open the form in question in the edit view.

Click the tab "Mail Options"

Make sure the following three Options contain a valid email address each.

  • For the "Options for result mail" the option "Mail From Address"
  • For the "Options for result mail" option "Mail To"
  • For the "Options for recipient mail" the Option "Mail From Address"

Recently there were some posts on our forum, that the form settings menu of Visforms has disappeared on Joomla! 3.5.

This is not due to a problem or bug in Visforms but is due to some misconfiguration or invalide files or incomplete Joomla! update or some such. Please check out the post on our forum. Most probably you will find a solutions there.

It is not possible to make a backup of forms and it is not possible to export a form on one Joomla! installation and import it on another one. There are two major reasons.

Visforms supports the Joomla! ACL and therefore data, which belongs to a form definition are stored in the Joomla! core #_assets table. That is, how Joomla! manages the ACL feature. These data are individual for a specific Joomla! installation and cannot be transported to another one.

We contiously implement new feature for Visforms which often requires some changes on the Visforms tables in the data base. Update installations manage those data base changes properly. (And downgrading is not possible from a version that comes with data base changes). An export/import script would be highly prone to mess up the data base for example if you run it between different Visforms versions. The effort even to strive to create a script that handles all possible error is gigantic and not worth the benefit and actually we think it is not possible to create a secure scirpt at all. There are simply to many thing which can go wrong.

If the save button in the form or field configuration do not work, this often is not a problem specific for Visforms but the buttons will not work in any edit view in the administration of your website. As this problem is sometimes detected for the first time, while using Visforms, and we have already some post about it on our forum, we will give a short instruction on how to solve the problem herer.

The problem is cause be an sql update error that occures during Joomla! update. Go to extensions->manage->database and click the "fix" button. This will solve the problem.

Another reason, why the buttons in the Visforms administration do not work is, that some new files are not installed properly with the update. The folder administrator/componentes/com_visforms/layouts is missing then. Please download the Visforms installation from our download menu (make sure that it is the same version as the one which you have installed on your website. Extract the zip file and copy the folder admin/layouts from the extracted zip file to administrator/componentes/com_visforms on your webspace.