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Compatible Joomla! 3

Visforms Joomla! Form GenaratorIn addition to the solid range of functions that our free Joomla! extension Visforms provides, we offer a Visforms Subscription that provides you with useful additional feature and a series of plugins to supplement Visforms. With a minimum of effort these plugins help you to fit your forms perfectly into the functionality of your website and they allow you to find new business segments on your website where you can apply Visforms.

You get all feature and plugins listed here, when you buy a subscription.

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Field Type Location

Collect location information and display in Google map

Field Type Calculation

Use user inputs in formulas and calculate the result dynamically.

Additional Options

Additional usefull form and field options

Bootstrap 3 Layouts

Integrate Visforms with Bootstrap 3 Templates.

Multi Page Forms

Create structured forms on multiple pages with summary and progress indicators

Edit Data in Frontend

Modify submitted user inputs. Allow administrators and users to edit data in frontend.

Visforms Search Tools

Search and filter Visforms data in frontend with the search tools.

Custom email address

Use user inputs in form to decide which email address is used for result mail.

Mail Attachments

Attach files, formatted mail as PDF, exported data as CSV to receipt or result mail.

Form in article

One form - many use cases

Display form in article and set default value of form fields individually

Form data in article

Display submitted user inputs in articles and modules.

Control individually which data are displayed

Limit Number of Registrations

Limit the maximum number of submissions for a form, to adapt limited accomodations.

Delay Double Registration

Prevent impatient users form submitting a form unintentionally twice. This easy to use plugin helps you to avoid double registrations and doublicate record sets in Visforms.

The Visforms Subscription extends the free Joomla! component Visforms. You need a running Joomla! 3 installation (Joomla! 3.3.6 or higher) and a running installation of the free Joomla! form component Visforms with a minimum version of 3.10.2 in order to use it.

We offer different subscription levels with varying periodes of time during which you have access to all updates.

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