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This feature is part of the Visforms Subscription and not available in the free Visforms version..

Multi page forms with summary page and progress display

The Visforms extension Multi Page Forms allows you to divide a form into multiple pages. This can be useful especially when you deal with forms with many fields, because it can help you to structure the form and make it's use easier for your customers. This extension only serves reasons of clarity. It does not allow you to create forms which a user can fill in only partly on first submit, and add missing inputs later on. (This feature is covered by the extension Edit Data in Frontend.)

The extension Multi Page Forms includes three new features:

  • Organize your form in as many pages/steps as you like
  • Add a summary page to any form
  • Display the progress

Thanks to a reasonable number of new form options you can control the actual layout of a multi page form quite flexible.

Our example of a multi page form displays the progress and uses a table layout to display the summary page.

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